Army Truck Hire

Are you ready to film your own independent movie but need to find some awesome props?  Or do you want to arrange something completely unique for your wedding?  In both of these situations army truck hire may be just the solution that you have been looking for.  Available from companies located throughout the UK, you have a lot of options available to you if an army truck is what you require.

What Is an Army Truck?

Army trucks come in a range of different shapes and sizes.  Generally, however, they are four wheel drive vehicles that are usually green or sand coloured, and come complete with a sitting area for multiple people at the back that is generally covered by a tent.  The front cab also has room for between two and three people.  Army truck hire is incredibly popular for stag nights and weddings, although army trucks can also be hired for movie props.

Where Can You Find Army Truck Hire?

There are numerous companies in the United Kingdom that offer army truck hire.  You could consider, for example:
  • Tanks 4 Hire, who offer both army trucks and entire tanks for hire (of course without the ballistics).
  • Movie Vehicles who specialise in hiring out vehicles for motion pictures.
  • Armourgeddon who offer a range of armoured vehicles for hire
Many of the companies listed above specialise in hiring props to film companies.  However, most of them would also be more than happy to hire their trucks out for events such as a summer fete or a festival, as well as for weddings.

Estimated Costs of Army Truck Hire

The cost of army truck hire will vary depending on your needs and requirements.  They do come in a range of different sizes, which will influence the price but because they are mainly used for events, army truck hire prices are generally calculated either by the hour or by the day.  It is uncommon for people to hire an army truck for a longer period of time, although this would be possible of course.  What you will be using the truck for may also influence the price, or at the very least the deposit.

How to Find Army Truck Hire

If you are looking for an army truck hire, you could contact some of the companies listed above for further information.  However, you may find that the best way to find a good company is by speaking to people who may have hired a similar truck in the past.  If you know anyone who recently got married, for example, you could ask them if they know of a good company.  Basically, following a trusted recommendation will give you a much better idea of what to expect from the service you will be receiving and whether or not this is what you are looking for.

Clearly, if you are looking at organising a fun event for the lads, army truck hire could really add those finishing touches.  Luckily, there are quite a number of companies you can approach to hire an army truck, so your event is sure to go off without a hitch.

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