Beavertail Truck Hire

Hiring a truck in the UK can be a daunting process if you don’t know what you are doing.  This is especially true when it comes to recovery trucks as there are so many different models available.  Hiring the right one can be a complicated decision and one that requires a lot of thought to be put into it.  A beavertail is one form of recovery truck that can be used to pick up a variety of different vehicles.

What Is A Beavertail Truck?

A beavertail truck is the cheapest form of recovery truck available.  It generally has a flat-bed behind its cab with a drive on ramp which makes it easy for a vehicle to be driven onto the truck and then transported to a different location.  A beavertail truck is an excellent choice of recovery truck so long as the vehicle you need to transport is not damaged.  Damaged vehicles generally require a slide-bed truck to move them.

Where Can You Find Beavertail Truck Hire?

There are companies all over the United Kingdom that offer beavertail truck hire.  Some of these are local, family owned companies that have often been in operation for decades, and others are larger companies that operate regionally and nationally.  The company that is best for you will depend on your location in the UK and personal preference.  Some of the companies you could consider include:
  • Maun Motors
  • WTW Truck Hire
  • Redi Hire
  • Recovery World

Estimated Costs of Beavertail Truck Hire

The cost of beavertail truck hire will depend mainly on your location in comparison to the hire depot as you may incur a delivery and pickup charge if you are unable to get to the depot yourself.  Secondly, the length of time you require the truck for will also influence the cost.  Longer term hire is strongly encouraged by most companies and the majority will offer significant discounts for hires that last for a week or more.

Of course, any optional extras such as hiring a driver or luxury extras such as a satellite navigation system or CD player will also come at an extra charge.  Do check whether the price quoted to you includes such things as road side assistance, insurance and VAT.  And always read the fine print to make sure whether or not there are restrictions on who can drive the truck for example.

How to Find Beavertail Truck Hire

Finding beavertail truck hire should not be too difficult as there are many companies offering this type of truck for hire.  You could contact some of the companies listed above, or you could ask around to see if anyone you know has used a similar company in the past.  Word of mouth has long been the best form of advertisement.

So, if you are looking for beavertail truck hire, whether it is for an odd job or a long term contract, you are sure to be able to find one that meets your needs and requirements.  Finding one should not be too difficult with so many companies to choose from.

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