Chiller Truck Hire

Truck hire has increased in popularity in recent years, mainly due to its affordability.  Not only is it much cheaper than purchasing a truck outright but it is also much cheaper to maintain, generally because the costs of maintenance, tax, MOT, servicing and repairs are all paid for by the hire company.  Chiller trucks are just one of the types of trucks available to hire in the UK today.

What Is Chiller Truck Hire?

Many companies that require the transportation of materials that need to remain cold opt for chiller truck hire.  These types of trucks are refrigerated and are mainly used to transport such things as meat, ice, dairy products and other products that can either melt or perish if exposed to room temperatures.  They are also used, for example, by hospitals in the transportation of biological materials.

Where Can You Find Chiller Truck Hire?

As a chiller truck is a specialised form of transport, not every truck hire company in the UK will provide them.  Instead you may find yourself needing to look for specialised companies that operate nationally.  Some of the companies you could consider, for example, include:
  • Farnborough Van and Truck Hire
  • Gulliver’s Truck Hire
  • Acrobat Rentals
  • MV Commercial
Most of these companies are happy to drop off and pick up their trucks from anywhere in the United Kingdom, although you may be charged for this extra service so do be sure to check.  If possible, you would be better off working with a company that has their depots close by.

Estimated Costs of Chiller Truck Hire

The cost of chiller truck hire will depend mainly on the size of the truck you are looking for – the bigger they are, the more expensive they will be – as well as the length of time that you require your hire agreement to run for.  Most companies much prefer longer term hire, as this means there is no need for them to service and maintain their trucks on as regular a basis.  Hence, they will offer significant discounts to those who wish to hire trucks for longer periods of time.  As an example, if a chiller truck costs you £70 for a single day, a full week may only cost you as little as £300.  Any optional extras such as a driver or satellite navigation will of course cost extra.

How to Find Chiller Truck Hire

If you are looking for chiller truck hire, you could contact some of the companies listed above.  However, the best form of advertisement is word of mouth, so you could also consider speaking to others who may have rented a chiller truck in the past themselves.  Additionally, as most national chiller truck hire companies operate throughout the UK, you shouldn’t find it hard to find some reviews or recommendations of their service online.

Clearly, if you are looking for chiller truck hire, you are looking for a highly specialised piece of transport.  Luckily, there are quite a number of companies around that are able to offer these types of trucks.  And, because of competition, prices are highly competitive.

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