Concrete Mixer Truck Hire

When you first think of concrete mixers, you may initially think of the small mixers that are used on home building sites.  These are not the only types of concrete mixer however; they are not big enough for large construction jobs for example.  If you run a construction company you may be better off looking into hiring a concrete mixer truck.  Concrete mixer truck hire is offered by a variety of companies located throughout the UK.

What Is A Concrete Mixer Truck?

When it comes to specialised trucks, a concrete mixer truck is certainly one of them.  A concrete mixer truck has a rotating barrel on the back and it is in this barrel that the concrete is mixed.  Due to the continuous movement, the concrete remains in liquid form.  At the end of the barrel is a retractable spout, through which concrete can be poured.  Most people are very familiar with concrete or cement mixers, as they are often used in DIY projects; a concrete mixer truck is basically an oversized, portable version of a cement mixer.

Where Can You Find Concrete Mixer Truck Hire?

As concrete mixer trucks are mainly used by construction companies, you will not find many normal truck hire companies offering them for hire.  Instead of looking at normal truck hire companies you should instead look for companies that specialise in plant and machinery hire.  Although a specialised niche, there are a variety of companies in the UK that offer this service including:
  • Ascus
  • Shayler Concrete Pumping
  • Ronimix
  • Erento

Estimated Costs of Concrete Mixer Truck Hire

The cost of concrete mixer truck hire will vary depending on your needs and requirements.  Very often, this type of truck will come with an operative who is trained in the usage of the mixer itself.  This is very important because you will need to know what to do with the last bits of concrete left in the machine itself.  Depending on how many operatives you require, the price is likely to fluctuate.  The length of time your hire is for will also influence the price.  Most hire companies encourage longer term hire by offering significant discounts if you hire a truck for a week or more.  Another thing that will influence the price is whether or not you will supply your own cement or not.

How to Find Concrete Mixer Truck Hire

One of the best ways to find a reliable company to offer concrete mixer truck hire is by finding a good recommendation.  You could try speaking to people you know who have dealings with the construction industry, for example.  Following a recommendation means you will have a much better idea of the level of service you are likely to receive.

So, if you are looking for concrete mixer truck hire, there are a number of companies available to you.  Do make sure you check out at least some of the competition, particularly since many guarantee to beat any genuine like for like quote.

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