Crane Truck Hire

Whenever you need to transport a large item or a significant number of items, truck hire is always a good option.  Not only is hiring a truck cheaper than purchasing one outright, but hiring a truck also enables you to use a vehicle that specifically caters to your job.  Trucks are available in a variety of different sizes, models and specialities.  One of these specialities in crane truck hire.

What Is A Crane Truck?

A crane truck is, quite simply put, a truck with a crane on top of it.  They come in a range of different sizes, with the crane of the truck itself extending to different lengths.  One example is the MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platform) truck, which is a standard van with a crane on top of it.  Very often, a crane truck can only be used by a trained operative, which is something to keep in mind.

Where Can You Find Crane Truck Hire?

There are many companies across the United Kingdom that offer crane truck hire.  Most of these focus specifically on plant and machinery hire, so it is probably best to look in that field rather than trawling through the thousands of car and van hire companies that also exist.  Some of the companies you may want to consider include:
  • Ainscough
  • Mammout
  • WB Services UK
  • AS Transport

Estimated Costs of Crane Truck Hire

The cost of crane truck hire will depend firstly on which type of crane truck you need and secondly on how long you need to hire it for.  Most companies offer a significant discount if you hire a truck for longer than a week, which is always good to know.  Other things that will make the cost vary include your location compared to the company’s depot (as you may incur a pickup and delivery charge) and whether or not you want to hire the truck with or without an operative.  If you don’t have any staff available that are licensed to operate these types of trucks, you will have to choose between training them and hiring an operative with your truck.

How to Find Crane Truck Hire

One of the easiest ways to find crane truck hire is by speaking to people or organisations that have hired a crane truck themselves.  By doing this, you will save yourself the time of having to compare all your different options and having to get multiple quotations just to get the best deal.  Plus, you may even save yourself some money as many companies will offer a discount to new customers who have been recommended.

Clearly, if you have a specialised job to do that requires a crane, crane truck hire may be the best solution for you.  With numerous companies to choose from, you are sure to be able to find the right crane truck for your needs and your budget of course.  Do ensure that you have the proper licenses in place to drive and operate the truck before you begin.

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