Forklift Truck Hire

Have you ever found yourself with a large amount of pallets or other heavy items to move and simply not have the strength to lift them yourself?  If so, why not consider forklift truck hire?  A forklift truck enables you to move all your items with minimal effort, thereby also protecting your own physical health of course.

What Is A Forklift Truck?

A forklift truck is designed to lift incredibly heavy items.  Basically, they have two strong pins at the bottom that can slide under a pallet and then lift it up.  Although many people are able to operate a forklift, it technically requires a specific license.  Forklift operators are actually in quite high demand.  Hence, if you are considering forklift truck hire, you will likely have to prove that one of your members of staff has a license.  Alternatively, you can hire an operative as well, which is sometimes even better.

Where Can You Find Forklift Truck Hire?

There are dozens of companies located throughout the United Kingdom that offer forklift truck hire, so you should not have too much difficulty finding one in your nearby area.  It is always best to opt for a company that is located close by wherever possible because this will enable you to save money on pickup and delivery charges.  Some of the companies you may want to consider include:
  • Ailsa
  • Pickering Plant Ltd
  • Barlo World
  • Rush Lift

Estimated Costs of Forklift Truck Hire

The cost of forklift truck hire will depend on two main things.  Firstly, whether or not you require an operative with your hire will be of great influence; qualified forklift operators are quite expensive, so this will significantly increase the price.  The second thing is the length of time you require your hire period to be for.  Generally, you will be able to get quite a significant daily discount if you opt for a longer term (a week or more) hire.  It may be useful, in other words, to plan your operations in such a way that you can hire a forklift truck for a full week, rather than seven individual days over a period of time.

How to Find Forklift Truck Hire

One of the best ways to find a good quality forklift truck hire is by speaking to people who have used a similar service in the past.  This way, you will be more informed about the quality of the machine you are likely to receive, as well as the level of service of the company you will be dealing with.  Following a trusted recommendation can be a particularly good idea if you also need to hire an operative, as you will want to be assured that they are professional and reliable.

Clearly, whatever the job is that you need doing, forklift truck hire can be very useful in ensuring that you get the job done.  There are plenty of companies you can choose from, so you should have no difficulties finding a company that offers you the right machine at the right price.

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