Hand Truck Hire

If you have some large and heavy items to move, for example in a warehouse, you may be worrying about your health and safety.  Even people who are fully trained in moving and handling are not always capable of lifting very heavy objects, particularly if they are big and cumbersome, or if they have to be stored in high places.  If you are faced with this situation, you may want to consider hand truck hire.

What Is A Hand Truck?

A hand truck is also known as a pallet truck.  It is very similar to a forklift truck, in as such that it is able to lift heavy and large objects.  Generally, the part of the hand truck that is used for lifting functions is on a hydraulics system.  The difference between a hand truck and a forklift truck, however, is that a forklift truck requires a specific licence in order to be able to operate one, which is not the case with a hand truck.  Also, hand trucks are available in moveable models as well as in models that are simply pushed by hand.

Where Can You Find Hand Truck Hire?

There are many companies all across the United Kingdom that offer hand truck hire.  Most of these companies specialise in tool hire rather than vehicle hire.  Some of the companies you could consider, for example, include:
  • Bil Sack Trucks
  • HSS
  • Country hire
  • McLeman Forklifts

Estimated Costs of Hand Truck Hire

The cost of hand truck hire will depend mainly on the length of time you require your hire agreement to last for.  Most companies are very happy to offer discounted rates for longer term hire.  This is because it saves them a lot of money in maintenance, servicing and repairs.  Some companies, however, understand that you may only need a hand truck for a very short space of time, and are able to offer a hire agreement for just half a day for example.

How to Find Hand Truck Hire

Hand trucks are quite common so it is likely that you know somebody that has used hand truck hire in the past.  If you know anybody that works in a warehouse, for example, you could speak to them and ask for a recommendation.  Following recommendations is always a good idea, as it allows you to have a better idea about what to expect from both your machine and the company that you are dealing with.  There will never be a better form of advertisement than word of mouth, of course.  Furthermore, a recommendation may save you a lot of time, as there will be no need for you to compare all the different companies.

So, whether you want to move a single pallet or whether you require a truck for longer periods of time, there will be a hand truck hire agreement available for you.  With so many different companies offering this service in the United Kingdom, you should have no difficulty finding the right company and the right machine for you.

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