HGV Truck Hire

Do you own your own rig that keeps breaking down?  Or do you own a haulage company and need some big vehicles?  Instead of purchasing a HGV, you may want to consider HGV truck hire.  By hiring instead of purchasing you will only have to pay one flat daily fee (and for the diesel of course), which can be a much more economical option.  Generally, hiring a truck of any kind means that a lot of the costs that are associated with owning any type of vehicle are greatly diminished.  Plus, should something go wrong with the vehicle, you will have a replacement available at a moment’s notice.

What Is A HGV Truck?

HGV stands for Heavy Goods Vehicle.  A HGV truck is a really big truck that naturally requires a specialised driver’s licence to be operated.  There are many different types of HGV trucks, some of which require further qualifications.  For example, HGV trucks that carry dangerous or explosive materials such as chemicals require the driver to have completed further training.  One of the most well known HGV trucks is the artic.

Where Can You Find HGV Truck Hire?

There are numerous companies in the United Kingdom that offer HGV truck hire.  Some of these companies will rent out their HGV trucks with a driver, meaning you don’t even have to find an employee with a trucker’s driving licence.  Some of the companies you may want to consider include:
  • Daswon Group
  • Hunter Vehicles
  • Tilly Hire
  • Gulliver’s

Estimated Costs of HGV Truck Hire

The cost of HGV truck hire will depend on the job that needs completing and whether you require a driver or not.  Other things to think about include:
  • What sort of materials will you be transporting in the HGV? 
  • Will you be travelling abroad in the truck? 
  • If you don’t need a driver, is your own driver fully qualified? 
  • How long do you require the rental agreement to last for? 
  • If it is a single job, what time of the day will you be needing the truck? 
With so many questions, it is generally advisable to simply contact the company you are considering hiring a truck from and ask for a detailed quotation.  It may be tempting to go for the cheapest possible option.  However, it is usually better to look for value for money rather than low costs. 

How to Find HGV Truck Hire

Finding a HGV truck hire company shouldn’t be too difficult as there are quite a number of companies that you could choose from in the United Kingdom.  You may also be surprised at the amount of people that have either used HGV truck hire in the past or who know somebody who is a trucker.  Speaking to them and asking for a good recommendation can be incredibly useful when it comes to making sure you get excellent value for money.

So, whether you need a replacement rig for a couple of days or whether you are an organisation that regularly requires heavy goods to be transported, HGV truck hire may be just the solution for you.

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