Hire a Tow Truck

There is an incredible range of trucks available for hire.  You could opt, for example, to hire a tow truck, a flat bed truck, an artic lorry, a removal truck and so on.  It is generally a much cheaper option to hire a truck than to purchase one, mainly because it is unlikely that you will need a truck on a daily basis and because you do not have any responsibility for such things as tax, MOT, maintenance and servicing.

Why Hire a Tow Truck?

A tow truck is generally used by two groups of people:
  • Private individuals who need to hire a tow truck because they have a single vehicle that needs to be towed.  This is quite common, for example, for people who are going through a divorce and need their spouse’s car removing from their drive.
  • Companies involved in the towing business.  This can be a parking enforcement company, a recovery company, a garage or any other business that requires a car to be moved when it is either broken and hence can’t be driven anymore, or when they don’t have the keys.

What Types of Trucks Can You Choose from if You Want to Hire a Tow Truck?

Generally, the difference in tow trucks relates to the weight of the vehicle they are able to tow.  For example, a tow truck that only tows small cars will need far less strength than one that needs to tow a ten tonne truck.  It is also possible to find different types of hydraulics that operate the towing arm on the truck itself, which is generally a crane.

Where to Hire a Tow Truck From

There are numerous companies located throughout the United Kingdom from which you can hire a tow truck.  However, a tow truck is quite a specialised piece of machinery, so you are likely going to need to approach a company that works with plant hire for example, or who generally specialises in trucks.  There are a variety of nationwide hire companies that should however meet your needs.

How Much Should You Pay to Hire a Tow Truck?

The price that you can expect to pay if you want to hire a tow truck will depend greatly on the job you require doing.  For example, if you simply need a tow truck to move a vehicle on a single occasion, you will generally be charged for that single trip.  This is usually a set price and may include a surcharge for every mile that is covered.  However, if you want to hire a tow truck for multiple jobs over multiple days, the prices will usually be calculated by the day.  Luckily, companies will often offer a significant discount if you opt to hire a truck for a longer period of time, such as a week or more.

Clearly, if you need to hire a tow truck, there are a number of options available to you.  It is however, highly advisable to know exactly what you need the truck for before you begin your search.

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