Hire a Truck Driver

Many people are opting to hire trucks.  This is generally because hiring a truck is almost always cheaper than purchasing even if you need to use it every day of the week.  This is mainly because of the maintenance and servicing costs associated with owning a truck, as well as such things as tax, MOT and insurance of course.  There are all sorts of trucks available to hire, in many different shapes and sizes.  Depending on the size of the truck you require, you may also need to hire a truck driver.

Why Hire a Truck Driver?

There are a number of reasons why you may wish to hire a truck driver.  Some of the most common reasons include:
  • Organisations that want a dedicated member of staff to drive their goods across the country and/or abroad.
  • Organisations that need a stand in as their dedicated truck driver is off work due to holiday or illness.
  • Individuals who need to use a truck but don’t have a suitable license themselves.

What Types of Trucks Can You Choose from if You Want to Hire a Truck Driver?

Any type of truck can be hired with a driver.  However, you may want to work with a truck driver that has experience in driving the specific truck that you have hired.  Although their license will allow them to drive any type of truck, someone who has additional experience and qualifications can be very beneficial, of course.  For example, if you need to hire a truck driver for a tow truck, it would be useful to hire someone that knows how to operate the tow as well.

Where to Hire a Truck Driver From

One of the best places to go to if you want to hire a truck driver is an employment and recruitment agency.  Many of these agencies specialise specifically in working with truck drivers, meaning they will do all the leg work in checking their skills, experience and qualifications for you.  There are other ways of finding truck drivers, of course, but this is generally the safest bet.

How Much Should You Pay to Hire a Truck Driver?

Generally, you can expect a truck driver to charge an hourly rate.  This will go up depending on the time of day they will be driving the truck.  Unsociable hours, such as late nights, weekends and bank holidays, will usually incur an additional charge.  Generally, these are either time and a half or double time, depending on the time and the day.  If you do use a recruitment agency, they will generally also charge you a set fee per hour on top of this hourly rate.

If you want to hire a truck driver, it is important to first think about what you will need the truck driver for.  This will help you to make sure that you are dealing with a truck driver that is experienced with the truck that you will require them to drive.  One great benefit is that in today’s economy, finding a truck driver is very easy with so many people looking for work.

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