Hire a Truck for Moving

There are many people who opt to hire a truck, whether this is for private or business purposes.  There are many trucks to choose from of course.  You could hire a truck for moving, or for removing vehicles, for transporting live stock or even in order to promote your product or service at an event.  The list of different types of trucks is almost endless.

Why Hire a Truck for Moving

Opting to hire a truck for moving is a very clever idea, as you will be able to transport all of your goods in a single trip, rather than having to take multiple trips if you are only driving a car.  Furthermore, you won’t have any difficulties fitting large items into a truck.  Individuals often opt to hire a truck for moving home, and businesses often hire one when they move from one office building to another for example.

What Types of Trucks Can You Choose from if You Want to Hire a Truck for Moving?

When you are looking to hire a truck for moving, you should try to roughly estimate how much space you will need to move your belongings, as this will determine what type of truck you need.  Generally, trucks for moving are either:
  • Box vans
  • Transit vans
  • Larger lorries
With larger lorries and some transit vans, it is important to make sure that you have the right license to drive a vehicle of that size otherwise you may need to also hire a truck driver.

Where to Hire a Truck for Moving from

There are an almost uncountable number of companies in the United Kingdom that offer trucks for hire for moving.  There are some national players who have depots all across the country.  Many people opt to use these because they feel they are hiring a brand they can trust.  However, there are also many regional and even local companies that offer truck hire and by opting for these, you would be supporting your local economy. 

How Much Should You Pay to Hire a Truck for Moving?

If you want to hire a truck for moving, the price you will pay will depend firstly on the type of truck you require.  The second thing that will influence the price is how long you require the truck for.  Generally, people hire a truck for moving for one or two days, but it is also often possible to hire a truck for a half day or even anything up from two hours.  However, it is almost always the case that the longer you hire the truck, the cheaper it gets.  For example, hiring a truck for two hours may cost you £50, but hiring a truck for 24 hours will only cost you £75.

If you are looking for the best company to hire a truck for moving from, you may want to consider speaking to people you know who may have hired a truck themselves in the past.  They will generally be more than happy to share information about their experiences with you, saving you the time and effort that comes with having to compare the different companies.

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