Horse Truck Hire

Owning a horse is an expensive but very rewarding hobby.  The love that these big animals can give you is tremendous and equestrian can be enjoyed by both men and women – although in younger years, it is mainly by girls of course.  If you own your own horse, it is likely that you will occasionally need to transport it from one location to another, for example if you are taking part in a competition or show.  If you only have a single horse, a trailer will be sufficient, but if you have multiple horses, for example if you take part in hunting activities, you may want to consider horse truck hire.

What Is A Horse Truck?

A horse truck is designed specifically for transporting horses.  Generally, it will have room for up to six horses inside, who can safely be tethered within their own confinements, almost like a stable on wheels.  Very often, inside the truck, there is also sufficient space for all the tack and feed that comes with horses.  Because a horse truck can be incredibly large, particularly those that do transport multiple horses, it is often necessary to hold a trucker’s licence in order to be able to drive them.  This is very important, as you may also need to hire a driver alongside the horse truck itself.

Where Can You Find Horse Truck Hire?

Horse truck hire is not too difficult to find in the United Kingdom, as equestrian events are very popular.  There are also still quite a high number of high society people who partake in slip hunts now that fox hunting is banned.  However, horse trucks are quite specialised pieces of machinery, so it is unlikely that you will be able to find one from the car hire place around the corner.  Some of the companies you could consider include:
  • Millennium Horse Box Hire
  • Trevelyan Self Drive
  • Horse and Hound
  • Essex Equine Self Drive

Estimated Costs of Horse Truck Hire

The cost of horse truck hire will depend on your exact needs.  You may, for example, only need the horse truck for a single day.  However, riding stables, for example, will opt for longer term hire on their horse trucks.  Generally, the day by day cost is greatly reduced when you agree to a longer hire period.  Of course, if you also need a driver, this will come at an additional cost. 

How to Find Horse Truck Hire

If you are looking for horse truck hire, you could consider contacting some of the companies listed above.  Alternatively, you could also simply ask around.  It is likely that there will be a horse riding school near to where you live, and they may be able to give you some great information about the best place to hire a horse truck from.

Clearly, if you want to find a way to transport your horses, opting for horse truck hire may be a great solution.  They come in a range of different sizes, so whether you want to move a single horse or a larger number of horses, this should all be possible.

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