Mini Truck Hire

It’s not an uncommon situation for people to find they have a job to do that requires a truck.  However, in order to drive a truck, you either need a driver’s licence that allows this, or you need to hire a driver alongside your truck… and hiring a truck driver can be incredibly expensive.  So what do you do?  Well, luckily, mini truck hire is now available.

What Is A Mini Truck?

Mini trucks are part of a range of vehicles made by DFSK.  The DFSK mini trucks are very versatile and are available in a whole range of models.  This means that no matter why you need a truck, you should be able to find a mini truck that can meet those needs.  These trucks have other benefits too.  The DFSK mini trucks are all produced in Asia with very high specifications in mind which makes them highly economical to drive.  It is even possible to find DFSK mini trucks that are powered by electricity, making them even more economical.

Some of the trucks that are available include:
  • Pick ups
  • Mini vans
  • Tippers
  • Box vans
  • Mini buses
  • Bespoke vehicles

Where Can You Find Mini Truck Hire?

There are quite a few companies across the United Kingdom that now offer mini truck hire.  DFSK really is the latest technology in vehicle hire to be brought to the market, so they are not the easiest to find – yet.  Some of the companies you may want to consider include:
  • Parkers Group
  • Contract Hire and Leasing
  • Luscombe Suzuki Leeds

Estimated Costs of Mini Truck Hire

Mini trucks are very cheap to purchase, which allows rental companies to keep the prices of their mini truck hires low.  The exact price will depend, of course, on the type of mini truck you require and how long you will need it for.  Generally, rental companies prefer longer term hire by offering significant discounts on their overall day to day price.  So, if you anticipate that you will need a mini truck for multiple days over a period of time, it may be worth trying to plan your days in such a way that you can hire the mini truck for one consecutive period, rather than individual days.

How to Find Mini Truck Hire

One of the best ways to find any type of truck hire, including mini truck hire, is to speak to people who may have used a similar service in the past.  This will allow you to follow a trusted recommendation as you will already have a reasonable idea about the quality of the vehicle and the quality of the service you will receive.  Of course, you could also consider contacting some of the companies listed above.

As shown, if you ever have a job that desperately needs a truck in order to complete it, but you don’t have the means to drive one yourself, mini truck hire is available for you.  Almost every model of truck has been replicated in the DFSK mini trucks, meaning all your needs and requirements can be met at an affordable price.

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