Pick Up Truck Contract Hire

There are a lot of different organisations that require a pick up truck in their daily operations.  A tree surgeon, for example, will use a pick up truck with a strong tow hook to pull their chipper to their sites.  The chip from the chipper will be blown straight into the back of the pick up truck, which can then be emptied wherever the chippings are stored – generally a farm for example.  For these organisations, opting for pick up truck contract hire is a very good financial decision. 

What Is Pick Up Truck Contract Hire?

Pick up truck contract hire means that a pick up truck is rented for a longer period of time.  Generally, prices for these types of contracts are highly competitive.  Furthermore, the company that owns the truck retains responsibility for such things as tax, MOT, servicing and maintenance as well as repairs if there are any problems.  This means that the logistics bill for a company that opts for pick up truck contract hire is greatly reduced.  Furthermore, if something were to go wrong with the truck, they have the guarantee that a replacement will be made available immediately.

Where Can You Find Pick Up Truck Contract Hire?

There are quite a number of companies in the United Kingdom that cater specifically to businesses looking for pick up truck contract hire.  Some of these companies specialise in a specific make of vehicle, others offer a wide range.  A few of the companies that offer this type of service include:
  • MWVC
  • Leasing 4 Business
  • Pick Up Trucks Direct

Estimated Costs of Pick Up Truck Contract Hire

The cost of pick up truck contract hire will depend on a variety of things.  Two main things will influence the cost however.  Firstly, the length of time you want the contract to run for will have a bearing.  Generally, the longer you enter an agreement, the cheaper the price will be overall.  Secondly, the number of trucks you want to hire will also be of influence.  Some of the companies will also require a deposit payment whilst others attract new customers by offering no deposit deals.

How to Find Pick Up Truck Contract Hire

There are a large number of companies in the UK that offer pick up truck contract hire, so you should have no difficulty in finding one.  You could opt to contact some of the companies listed above, of course, but you could also try to find a trusted recommendation.  It is likely that you will work together with other businesses who may also require hire trucks and they would probably be more than happy to recommend a business to you, particularly because both you and them may receive a discount for referring and being referred.

As you can see, opting for pick up truck contract hire can save you a lot of money on your logistics and therefore makes good business sense.  Furthermore, finding a company who can provide you with truck hire is very easy, so nothing should stand in your way.

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