Pickup Truck Hire

Many people who need to move luggage or other everyday items opt for pickup truck hire.  Some people use them, for example, to move home or to help someone clear their home.  They are also very useful for moving garden rubble or items that can get very dirty such as top soil for example.  Lastly, there are also many companies who work in landscaping for example that use pickup trucks in their day to day business.

What Is A Pickup Truck?

The pickup truck was originally designed with cargo hauling in mind, but they are now used for a much wider range of things.  Pickup truck hire for house moves is generally known as either self service moving – whereby you pack your own belongings, place them in the pickup truck and unpack them at the destination after you have driven the pickup truck – or full service moving, whereby this is all done for you.

Where Can You Find Pickup Truck Hire?

There are lots of companies all across the country that offer pickup truck hire.  Some of these specialise in house moves as described above, others specialise in offering long term rentals to companies and businesses and others still simply hire out pickup trucks for occasional use.  Then, there are private owners who are happy to hire out their pickup trucks.  

Estimated Costs of Pickup Truck Hire

The cost of pickup truck hire can vary so much that it would be hard to give a breakdown of cost.  In very global terms, the main things that matter when it comes to pickup truck hire are:
  • What you will be using the pickup truck for
  • In case of a house move, whether you are looking for full service or self service hire
  • How long you require the truck for
  • Where your location is compared to the pickup truck depot (you may incur a pickup and delivery charge if you can’t pick the truck up from the depot yourself)
  • Whether you require optional extras such as a satellite navigation system, a CD player or air conditioning
  • Whether or not you will be taking the pickup truck abroad
  • Your driver’s license (how long you have held it and whether you have any points on it)
  • Whether or not you want any additional drivers to be insured to drive the vehicle

How to Find Pickup Truck Hire

Finding pickup truck hire is very simple because there are so many companies offering this service.  It is a good idea to speak to people you know as it is likely that they have either used a similar service in the past themselves or that they know someone who has.  A trusted recommendation is a great form of advertisement.

So, whatever you need pickup truck hire for, you can see that there are many options available to you.  It can be advisable to first sit down and write a list of what you will be using the pickup truck for, so you have a better idea yourself of what your needs are.  Regardless of what these are however, you should have no difficulties in finding a company that can meet them.

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