Self Drive Truck Hire

Have you ever felt like you could be a trucker?  Driving along the roads, dropping off cargo in different locations?  Sleeping in the back of your cab?  Of course, to be a trucker, you also need s trucking driver’s licence.  However, there are also trucks that are under a certain size that can be driven on a standard UK driver’s licence.  Whether you have your trucking license or not, you are sure to find a variety of different self drive truck hires available to you.

What is a Self Drive Truck?

Self drive truck hire basically involves hiring a truck without a driver.  Generally, these are small vans, or Luton vans at the most.  Most people hire these types of trucks if they are moving home, or if they need to move large items, such as a new bathroom or kitchen for example.  They are particularly useful – and cost effective – for house moves however.  The cost of hiring a removals company is exorbitant and if you don’t hire a truck, you will really struggle to move your larger items such as your appliances, bed, sofa and wardrobes.

Where Can You Find Self Drive Truck Hire?

There are hundreds of companies that offer self drive truck hire in the United Kingdom, from the most southern to the most northern corners of the country.  Some of these companies are small local businesses that you could opt for if you also want to support the local economy.  However if you feel more comfortable using a well known company you could also opt for a large national company.  Some of the organisations you could consider include:
  • A1 National Hire
  • Intack
  • Howard Self Drive

Estimated Costs of Self Drive Truck Hire

The cost of self drive truck hire depends mainly on what you will be using the truck for and how long you need to hire it for.  Say, for example, that you are moving abroad.  In this case, you will need to hire the truck for a number of days – which generally means that the overall daily price will come down – but you will need insurance and authorisation to take it abroad – which generally pushes the price up.  You might also require some optional extras such as a satellite navigation system or an additional driver which again may increase the price.

How to Find Self Drive Truck Hire

Because there are so many companies to choose from, you should have no difficulty in finding one that meets your needs and requirements.  However, if you want to save time comparing all the different companies, you could consider finding a good recommendation.  After all, there is no better advertising than word of mouth.

Clearly, whether you want to be a trucker for a day or actually need a truck for practical purposes, there are plenty of self drive truck hire options available to you.  You should have no difficulties finding the right truck for you at a price you can afford.  In the current economic climate, you won’t want to break the bank of course!

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