10 Ton Truck Hire

Nowadays, many companies who regularly have to transport goods find it is cheaper to opt for 10 ton truck hire rather than purchasing their own trucks.  This is because they are not responsible for the maintenance of the trucks and because they generally only use the truck for limited amounts of time.  Unless you use a truck every single day, hiring is a much more cost-effective option.

What is 10 Ton Truck Hire?

10 ton truck hire basically involves hiring trucks that weigh 10 tonnes.  Trucks of this size are quite sizeable; they are slightly larger than the Luton vans which are generally 7.5 tonnes.  They also come in a range of additional options, such as:
  • Refrigerated trucks
  • Flat bed trucks
  • Closed box trucks
These types of trucks are neither too large nor too small.  When opting for any kind of truck hire, it is important that you get the one that is the right size.  Getting one that is too small is an obvious disaster, but getting one that is too big is simply a waste of money.

Where to Find 10 Ton Truck Hire

There are many companies all across the United Kingdom that offer 10 ton truck hire.  Regardless of where you are in the United Kingdom, you should be able to find a company that operates in your area.  It is important to have a good look around at companies that are either close to you or close to your destination, as this can allow you to make significant savings on your final bill.

Estimated Cost of 10 Ton Truck Hire

The cost of 10 ton truck hire will vary depending on which company you go with.  Prices in certain parts of the United Kingdom are simply more expensive than in others.  The main thing that will influence the price, however, is the length of time you require your hire agreement for.  Generally, companies that offer truck hire actively encourage longer term hire by reducing their overall daily price by quite a high amount.  This may be something to take into consideration in as such that if you think you need seven days of hire every quarter, it may be around 50% cheaper to hire it for a full week rather than seven separate days.

How to Find 10 Ton Truck Hire

One of the best ways to find 10 ton truck hire companies that are reputable and offer you a good price but also a good service is by speaking to others who may have needed to hire a 10 ton truck themselves.  Not only will this enable you to hire a truck from a reputable company but you may also receive a further discount on the overall price due to the recommendation.

There are a variety of 10 ton truck hire companies operating in the UK so you should have no trouble finding a company that can offer you the truck you need at a price within your budget.

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