18 Tonne Truck Hire

Many companies that regularly need to transport goods opt for 18 tonne truck hire rather than purchasing a truck outright.  This is because, overall, renting truck can be far more economically viable than purchasing one.  For instance, there will be no maintenance or insurance costs, no need for yearly services or MOTs and often rental comes with free road side assistance.

What is 18 Tonne Truck Hire?

18 tonne truck hire is the ideal option for people who need to transport either large goods or a lot of goods in one go.  There are several types of 18 tonne trucks, including:
  • Box vans
  • Curtain siders
  • Tippers with or without crane
  • Drop-sides with or without crane
The best type of 18 tonne truck hire depends entirely on what you need the truck for and what goods you need to transport.

Where to Find 18 Tonne Truck Hire

There are quite literally hundreds of companies across the United Kingdom that offer 18 tonne truck hire.  This means that you can spend a considerable amount of time trying to find the best one, which may be a down side, but on the other hand it means competition is fierce, which can keep the prices down.  It is almost always advisable to find a company that offers 18 tonne truck hire that has a depot close to where your business operates from, so you don’t have to pay exorbitant fees for pickup and delivery.

Estimated Cost of 18 Tonne Truck Hire

The cost of 18 tonne truck hire will depend mainly on your needs and requirements.  You may, for example, also require a driver with your truck, which will increase the price.  However, this may still be a cheaper option than hiring a driver yourself.  Some companies will also be more than happy for you to take the truck abroad, generally at a higher cost.  Most companies will offer significant discounts for those who opt for longer term 18 tonne truck hire.

How to Find 18 Tonne Truck Hire

One of the best ways to find 18 tonne truck hire is by speaking to other organisations that will have used this type of hire themselves.  You may, for example, speak to partner organisations, or companies in your area that transport heavy goods on a regular basis.  Following a trusted recommendation is always a good idea, as it allows you to spend much less time comparing the different companies.

Clearly, if you require 18 tonne truck hire, you have quite a number of possibilities open to you.  It is important to first determine exactly which type of 18 tonne truck you require as finding the right company for you will depend mainly on what your needs and requirements are.  If possible, you should also look into truck hire companies who lower their costs as the hire period increases; this will enable you to save further money especially if you have a job that can be done all in one go, rather than on odd days.

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