4 Tonne Truck Hire

4 Tonne truck hire is incredibly popular amongst businesses that frequently need a truck, but don’t need one often enough to warrant purchasing one themselves.  Owning your own truck as an organisation is only financially viable if you really need to use them on a daily basis.  If not, the truck will just stand there costing money in maintenance, servicing, tires, MOT, road side assistance, insurance, tax and so on.

What is 4 Tonne Truck Hire?

4 Tonne truck hire refers to the hiring of 4 tonne trucks, of course.  4 Tonne trucks come in a variety of different shapes and sizes and are used for a variety of different things.  Very often, the army vehicles you will see in movies that hold a bunch of soldiers in the back are 4 tonne trucks.  There are also flatbed 4 tonne trucks, tipper trucks and trucks with cranes on, and this is to name but a few.  If you are looking for a 4 tonne truck, it is generally best to speak to a specialist to ascertain exactly which type you need.

Where to Find 4 Tonne Truck Hire

There are a lot of companies across the United Kingdom that offer 4 tonne truck hire.  Some companies are large national companies with depots all across the country.  Other companies are small, family owned, local businesses.  If you do want to support your local economy, you may want to consider opting for one of these local businesses, although they are not always the cheapest option.

Estimated Cost of 4 Tonne Truck Hire

The cost of 4 tonne truck hire will depend initially on the type of truck you require.  Next, the length of time you require it for will also be of influence.  Most rental companies prefer longer term hire agreements because this allows them to have to spend less money on valeting, servicing and storage.  To encourage this, they will offer significantly reduced prices for longer term hire.

There are some other factors that may influence the price, for example:
  • The distance between your location and the company’s depot, as you may be charged delivery and pickup charges.
  • Optional extras such as satellite navigation.
  • Additional insurance if you need to take the truck abroad.
  • Whether you also require a driver and, if not, what type of license your driver has and whether there are any points on that license.

How to Find 4 Tonne Truck Hire

The best form of advertisement will always be word of mouth.  Hence, one of the best ways to find 4 tonne truck hire is to speak to people who may have had dealings with a truck hire company in the past themselves.  They will be more than happy to share their experiences with you, meaning that you will have to spend less time comparing all the different companies.

Clearly, if you are looking for 4 tonne truck hire, you shouldn’t have too many difficulties.  There are many companies for you to choose from so you are sure to be able to find the truck that you need at a price that you can afford.

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