Skip Truck Hire

It’s that time of year again where it really is time to do some spring cleaning.  With the British weather the way it is, this doesn’t necessarily have to be completed in the traditional spring months!  Whenever you decide to do your overall spring cleaning, however, you will probably find that you need a skip to get rid of all the things you don’t want anymore, particularly if you have also tidied up your loft and all your cupboards and wardrobes.  Luckily, skip truck hire is available to help.

What Is A Skip Truck?

A skip truck is a truck that has been specifically design to lift skips.  They tend to have two lifts on either side of the flatbed that have strong metal chains with hooks attached to them.  These lifts enable skips to be moved both onto and off of the truck.  Generally, driving a skip truck requires a truck driving licence, however most people that look for skip truck hire are actually looking for a skip.  The truck itself will not be of much use to them, other than to drop the skip off and pick it back up once it’s been filled.

Where Can You Find Skip Truck Hire?

Finding skip truck hire is as easy as pie as there are hundreds of companies located throughout the United Kingdom that offer skip hire.  Some of the companies that you could take into consideration include:
  • Tonks 2000
  • Leeds Commercial
  • Skip Lorry Hire
  • Maun Motors
Generally, these companies will drop the skip off and pick it back up at a predetermined time.  They will then take care of the disposal of the contents of the skip as well.

Estimated Costs of Skip Truck Hire

The cost of skip truck hire depends mainly on the size of the skip you need.  Generally, you won’t actually be charged for the truck that delivers it, nor for the length of time you want to keep the skip in front of your house for.  Prices are very competitive, with the smallest skips only costing around £65 including delivery.

How to Find Skip Truck Hire

Finding skip truck hire is incredibly easy because there are so many companies to choose from.  There is a whole host of places that hold advertisements for local skip hire companies.  Also, it is very likely that almost everybody you know will have used a skip in the past, so they may be able to give you some great hints and tips about which companies will offer you a good service… and which won’t.

As you can see, there is no need to keep putting off your spring cleaning because you don’t know what to do with all the clutter you have accumulated.  If you opt for skip truck hire, you will have the opportunity to truly de-clutter your house from top to bottom, getting rid of everything that you don’t need anymore.  Skip truck hire prices are highly competitive so there really is nothing standing in your way.

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