Smart Truck Hire

We all know that we are making a bad impact on the environment.  Whether or not you believe in global warming, it is an undeniable fact that our natural resources are running out.  One of the main reasons for this is that we have so many vehicles on the road that all use fuels and these fuels are now in short supply.  This is apparent whenever you go and fill up at the pumps of course.  However, to help with this smart truck hire is now available.

What Is A Smart Truck?

A smart truck is a truck that has a system that is mainly designed in the United States at the minute.  The designer’s goal is to work towards fuel efficiency and lower carbon footprints.  The system is installable on any type of vehicle that uses a form of fuel, including airplanes; it can be installed in less than one hour and is fully compliant with CARB.  Besides being more fuel economical and thereby allowing for less of an impact to be made on the environment, the system also allows for quicker cooling of the tires and brakes.

Where Can You Find Smart Truck Hire?

As the smart technology develops, more and more companies in the United Kingdom are also becoming interested in this technology.  Although smart truck hire with the patented smart technology is not yet available in the United Kingdom, there are some companies who specialise in green technology and are interested in using the smart technology as soon as it becomes available.  Some of these companies include:
  • Green Motion
  • Green Rental
  • Transport Engineer

Estimated Costs of Smart Truck Hire

The cost of smart truck hire depends mainly on the type of truck you require and length of time you need it for.  Because green companies offer all types of vehicles, it is impossible to give an estimate of general cost.  One thing that is applicable to all green technology vehicles however is that the day by day cost becomes cheaper if you hire the truck for a longer period of time.  This is because every vehicle that is hired has to be serviced and checked as soon as it is returned, which is a considerable expense for a hire company.  Hence, they offer discounted prices for those who want to hire a truck for longer periods (generally one week or more).

How to Find Smart Truck Hire

Finding smart truck hire is not always easy because there aren’t that many companies in the United Kingdom yet who are committed to green technology.  However, they do exist and you could consider contacting some of the companies listed above, for example.  Alternatively, you could speak to people you know and find out if they may have a recommendation for you.

Clearly, taking active steps towards lowering emissions and our carbon footprint is incredibly important.  This can be done at home, by recycling and watching how we use our utilities for example.  But it can also be achieved on a wider scale, for example by opting for smart truck hire or other green technologies.

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