Stage Truck Hire

If you have to set up a stage, you may want to consider stage truck hire.  Whether it is because you are organising a large local event, or just have a fun day planned for your family and friends, using a stage can be very useful.  You may have an outdoor wedding, for example, and need a stage for the bride and groom to sit on, or for other guests to stand on to deliver their speeches.

What Is A Stage Truck?

A stage truck basically has a large platform on the back that can be transformed into a stage.  This can be a narrow, long stage, but the platform can generally also be folded out into a bigger stage.  Very often, these types of trucks come equipped with generators to ensure it is possible to hook up electrical equipment that may be needed in an event.  Such things as microphones and amplifiers, for example, can all be hooked to these generators.  Do be careful though as truck generators generally have a maximum number of kilowatts that they are able to handle at one time.

Where Can You Find Stage Truck Hire?

There are quite a few companies that offer stage truck hire in the United Kingdom.  Most of these companies will also offer other event management products, such as portable loos, advertisements, electrical appliances and so on.  Some of the companies you may want to consider include:
  • Ghag Group
  • Mobile Staging
  • The Stage Truck

Estimated Costs of Stage Truck Hire

The cost of stage truck hire will vary depending on a number of things.  Firstly, the length of time you require your stage truck for will be of influence.  However, as a stage truck is usually only hired for a single event, rather than longer periods this may not affect your hire too much.  You may also need additional services for your event, which can often be included.  Usually, a stage truck comes with a driver, and you are likely to have to pay a mileage charge between the depot of the truck and your event. 

How to Find Stage Truck Hire

Finding stage truck hire is not too difficult if you know where to look.  You could contact some of the companies listed above, of course, but there are many other event management companies across the country that you could speak to.  Of course, you could also try to get a trusted recommendation from other people who work in the industry or who may have hired a stage truck in the past.

Whatever the event is that you are trying to organise, you should be able to make it go off without a hitch with a fantastic stage.  Luckily, these are available through a range of stage truck hire companies that you could work with.  Do make sure you get a number of quotations, so that you really have an idea of what you can expect to pay.  Always remember that you shouldn’t look for the cheapest quotation, but for the quotation that gives you the best value for money.

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