Tail Lift Truck Hire

If you are in the process of moving home, a range of different trucks and vans are available to allow you to move your furniture from one house to another.  Of course, this isn’t only applicable for house moves.  Trucks can be used for a range of transport and logistics issues.  However, it is important to think about your own health and safety, which is where tail lift truck hire comes in.

What Is a Tail Lift Truck?

A tail lift truck is a truck that has a type of lifting platform on the back of the box.  Basically, you can lower this platform, place your boxes or furniture or other items that you are moving onto it and then lift the platform back up.  This means you don’t have to exert your back muscles by lifting very heavy items into the back of a truck, which is incredibly important.  The amount of people that have ended up on sick leave because of back injuries following a house move is tremendous.

Where Can You Find Tail Lift Truck Hire?

There are quite literally hundreds of companies all across the United Kingdom that offer tail lift truck hire.  Some of the companies you could take into consideration include:
  • Ailsa
  • Salford Van Hire
  • Budget
  • Thrifty
  • Hunter Vehicles
  • Barnes Van Hire

Estimated Costs of Tail Lift Truck Hire

The cost of tail lift truck hire will depend firstly on the type of truck you require.  Tail lift trucks are generally either box vans or curtain siders which both come in a variety of sizes.  Hence, you will also need to decide which type of truck you need.  A second thing that will influence the price is the length of time that you need to hire the truck for.  Generally, companies encourage longer term hire by lowering the overall daily cost of the hire.  However, they also understand that sometimes you just want to do something quickly, so it is also possible to hire a truck for just a few hours.  If you were to use the truck to go abroad, you will also have to pay an extra fee of course.  There are also other optional extras you could consider, such as an additional driver or luxury extras (satellite navigation, air conditioning, etc.).

How to Find Tail Lift Truck Hire

Because there are so many companies offering tail lift truck hire it is very easy to find the right truck for you.  Furthermore, it is highly likely that you know somebody who has recently moved house and who could hence give you some great recommendations about which companies offer the best trucks, the best prices or the best customer service.

Clearly, if you have to move home, it is important that you think about your own physical health.  Rather than opting for a standard box van or curtain sider van, you may want to consider tail lift truck hire instead.  This way, you won’t have any issue with back or neck pain after you have moved your belongings.

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