Truck and Crane Hire

From time to time you might find yourself needing to do a job that is at a height.  Usually, it is businesses and companies that find themselves in these situations which is why truck and crane hire is targeted specifically at companies and not at individual renters.  However, this doesn’t mean that it is impossible to find a crane if you need one as an individual.

What Is A Truck and Crane?

A truck and crane is a large truck that has an extendable crane attached to it.  Depending on the crane, these can be lifted to great heights.  They are often used in industries where working at heights is necessary, such as construction, utilities, buildings, tree surgery, industrial window cleaning and so on. 

Where Can You Find Truck and Crane Hire?

There are a number of companies in the United Kingdom that offer truck and crane hire.  Generally, they offer these types of vehicles with a driver included, mainly because you do need a specific licence to drive the truck, to operate the crane and to use the crane as well.  This all has to do with health and safety of course.  Some of the companies you could consider include:
  • Frank Barnes
  • BJW Crane Hire
  • MSD Carnes

Estimated Costs of Truck and Crane Hire

The cost of truck and crane hire really depends on the job you will be using it for.  If you only require a truck and crane for a single job, you will probably have to pay a set price for the truck and crane, a mileage allowance to cover the journey that the truck will be taking and an hourly rate for the operative that comes with the truck.  You will also usually have to fill the truck back up with petrol or diesel (usually diesel) before it is returned.  The hourly rate for the operative will depend mainly on what hours of work you require.  Very often, using a crane and truck is quite disruptive, which is why they often operate outside of peak hours, including evenings, nights and weekends or bank holidays.  Hence, the hourly rate for the operative can be quite high.

How to Find Truck and Crane Hire

Finding a truck and crane hire can be somewhat complicated because it is not a very popular industry.  It is generally best to speak to companies or organisations that have used similar services in the past as they may be able to give you some good recommendations.  Of course, you could also contact the companies that are listed above.

If you have a job that requires working at great heights, truck and crane hire may be for you.  The great benefit of this type of hire is that it generally comes with an operative, which means that you don’t have to train one of your members of staff to be able to operate the crane and truck.  Finding a company can be difficult because there are not many to choose from, but they are around so you should be able to find at least one that can help you.

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