Truck and Trailer Hire

If you have to move home and only have a standard UK driver’s licence, you will be restricted by the size of truck you are able to drive.  However, should you find that the space in the truck you can drive simply isn’t sufficient, yet taking two trips is too much, you could consider truck and trailer hire.

What Is A Truck and Trailer?

A truck and trailer is either a large HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) lorry and trailer, or a regular truck with what can best be described as a camping trailer at the back of it.  It is important to know about the truck and trailer options for HGV lorries, because it wouldn’t be the first time that someone rented a HGV expecting to find a truck and trailer, only to find that only the truck was included in the price.

Where Can You Find Truck and Trailer Hire?

There is a wide range of companies in the United Kingdom offering truck and trailer hire, particularly in the HGV model.  Most of these companies offer truck, trailer and driver hire to make things simpler and unified.  Some of the companies you could consider include:
  • Dawson Group
  • Collease
  • Abacus Car, Van, Minibus & Truck Hire
  • Rothdean Ltd.
  • Four Ashes
  • 24/7 Rentals

Estimated Costs of Truck and Trailer Hire

The cost of truck and trailer hire will vary mainly depending on the size of the trailer you require.  The second thing that will greatly influence the price is the hours you require the driver to work.  You will generally pay an hourly rate for the driver, which is subject to normal working conditions.  This means that time and a half should be paid after a certain time at night as well as on Saturdays and double time should be paid on Sundays and bank holidays.  You will generally also be charged an additional amount per mile driven.  One thing that is important to remember is that truckers are only allowed to drive for a set period of time each day, so you may have to hire a truck and trailer for longer than you would be able to drive the journey with no stop overs.

How to Find Truck and Trailer Hire

Finding truck and trailer hire shouldn’t be too difficult with so many companies to choose from.  You may even know somebody who owns their own rig who might be looking for a job.  Or perhaps you know someone who owns a camping trailer, meaning you only have to rent a truck if you require some additional space.

Clearly, when looking for truck and trailer hire, it is first important to determine whether you need a full lorry with a trailer, or whether you need a standard truck with a camping trailer on the back.  Once you have determined this, you should have no difficulty in finding the right trailer for your needs and requirements.  And at a price you can afford of course.

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