Truck Crane Hire

Sometimes, you will come across a job that requires you to lift heavy objects or reach unsafe heights.  This is where truck crane hire comes in.  You may, for example, need to lift a large green house out of your garden if you are private renter.  Or perhaps you run an construction company and need to move large amounts of rubble or other cumbersome items.  The list is endless!

What Is A Truck Crane?

There are many different types of truck cranes.  The general idea, however, is that it is a truck with a crane fitted onto it.  The difference is basically in the crane itself.  This can be a crane that lifts high up, with a basket attached to it that can hold an operative.  Or, it could be a crane with a grabber hook at the end of it, specifically suited for grabbing rocks.  There are many other types of cranes of course.  One general point, however, is that these types of trucks usually require a trucker’s driving licence in order to be able to operate them.

Where Can You Find Truck Crane Hire?

There are many different companies in the United Kingdom that offer truck crane hire.  Most of these will offer this type of hire including an operative, as you will not only need a trucker’s driving licence, but also a licence to operate the crane itself.  Most of these companies specialise in the construction industry.  Some of the companies you could consider include:
  • Crane Lorry Hire
  • Frank Barnes
  • CJ Express

Estimated Costs of Truck Crane Hire

The cost of truck crane hire will depend on two main things.  Firstly, the type of crane you require will influence the price.  The second thing that will make the price change is the length of time you require the hire agreement to last.  Generally, because the hire agreement will include an operative, you will have to pay an hourly rate for this.  Some companies, hence, will offer you the use of the crane for free and ask you to pay purely for the operative and the amount of miles that the crane is driven.  The hourly rate of the operative will be clearly set out, but they tend to be influenced by the working hours you will require them for.  If you need them to work outside of normal office hours (generally before 7am and after 6pm) or on Saturdays, their hourly rather will be time and a half.  If you require them to work on a Sunday or on bank holidays, it will usually be double time.

How to Find Truck Crane Hire

Finding truck crane hire isn’t too difficult because there are quite a number of companies that offer this type of hire.  Usually, the best place to look is in the construction industry itself.  Perhaps you know somebody who works in construction who could give you some really good tips.

So, whatever you require this type of truck for you are sure to be able to find a company that can meet your needs.  Do remember that the pricing structure can be quite confusing.  Hence, when you ask for quotations, make sure you read the fine print of your policy before signing.

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