Truck Hire Rates

If you are planning a move, whether it is across town or over a long distance, you will need a truck hire. Typically a household move requires a vehicle much larger than your family vehicles. Truck hire will ensure that you get all of your belongings across town or across the country in one trip. There are a few things that you will have to keep in mind such as the truck hire rates and the terms of your rental agreement.

You should be able to determine your truck hire company according to where you plan to move. The truck hire rates and the ability to arrange a one way truck hire will depend on whether the company has facilities in the location where you are moving. The cost of the truck hire rates is much better if you are able to drop the truck off in your destination location. Larger companies typically have more than one facility for your moving needs.

The next step is to determine the size of the truck hire that you will need for your move. Many truck hire companies have staff that can help you determine the right size truck according to the number of rooms in your home. There may also be a guideline on the website of the truck hire company. The truck hire rates will be higher for a larger truck, but you should not try to cram your belongings into a smaller truck just to save money. You could end up with a lot of broken belongings on the other end if you do this.

The time of year that you are moving might cause the truck hire rates to be higher than expected. The summer months are typically the busier time of the year and it might be difficult to get a rental for the date that you need. Book the truck hire at least a month in advance to get the vehicle when you need it. The beginning and end of the month is another time when a truck hire company will be exceptionally busy. Try to plan your move for the middle of the month if at all possible. This will lower your truck hire rates.

Make sure that you get insurance for your move. This is usually added to your truck hire rates on a daily basis. You will be charged a fee per day for insurance for the length of time that you have the vehicle. The prices are relatively low and well worth the peace of mind that you get. Try to get all of the options for your move to protect you in any event that could occur.

You will also need boxes, packing tape and furniture pads to make sure that your belongings are packed up properly. Many truck hire companies will include some of these items in with your truck hire rates. Find out what is included with your truck hire or purchase the items that you need to move your items safely across town or across the country.

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