Truck Hire UK

There are times when it pays to avail of the services of a good truck hire UK company a. In case you need to hire a truck, then there are at present three outstanding companies that can supply you with a suitable truck for hire in the UK. The names of these three companies are:
  • MV Commercial Truck Rental
  • Gulliver’s
  • Centurion Truck Rental

MV Commercial Truck Rental

MV Commercial Truck Rental is an outstanding truck hire UK company.This company actually also specializes in providing the most flexible truck hire services. From 2001 onwards, MV Commercial Truck Rental has been offering the best solutions to customers that need to hire a truck and is also considered among the most dynamic truck hire companies in the UK.

This is a company that offers diverse range of trucks for hire and is also well liked because it is a company that offers best value to each customer. The company offers trucks for hire for:
  • Short term
  • Long term
  • Contract hire
MV Commercial Truck Rental also owns a diverse range of trucks and in fact, can boast of owning over six hundred trucks which include everything from 7.5 GVW to the 150 GVW. The company also employs the most highly qualified people to ensure that you get the most reliable and professional service. In addition, this is a company that also maintains each of its trucks to the very highest standards. The best part about dealing with MV Commercial Truck Rental is that you get to hire a truck without any stress or bother.

To contact the company, you will need to either fill out their online form or you can visit their depot at Muir Road, Houstoun Industrial Estate, Livingston EH54 5DR. You can also contact the company on the phone by dialing 0800 520 0965. The company also has depots in Milton Keynes and in Haydock.


Gulliver’s is a renowned truck hire company in the UK and is considered a premier company whose trucks are of a very high quality and available for rent throughout the UK. Gulliver’s specializes in both general truck hire as well as in municipal truck hire services.

Gulliver’s also owns a fleet of trucks that are available for rent from nine different depots spread in various locations throughout the UK including in places such as:
  • Thatcham
  • Gloucester
  • Airdire
  • Brownhills
  • Newport
  • Cardiff
  • Exeter
To contact this truck hire company, you will need to fill out their online form. Alternatively, you can also call them on the phone by dialing 0845 2600999.

Centurion Truck Rental

Centurion Truck Rental is considered as one of the finest UK based truck hire companies. The company was established during the nineties and has since then gone on to become a major player in the truck hire industry in the UK. In the beginning, the company operated from a single location, but now has expanded and operates from fourteen different locations in the UK. Centurion Truck Rental can also provide round-the-clock service throughout the year.

To know more about this truck hire company in the UK, you can complete their online enquiry form. In addition, you can also pay a visit to their head office which is located at Stakehill Industrial Park, Middleton, Manchester M24 2RW. Alternatively, you can speak to them on the phone by dialing 0161 653 9700.

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