Truck Hire Cardiff

There are times when hiring a truck in Cardiff is the most practical and economical solution. In such instances, one should learn to deal with the best truck hire companies in Cardiff. There are two companiesin particular that stand out from the rest and so are worth finding more about. These two companies are:
  • Petit Forestier
  • Gulliver’s Truck Hire Ltd

Petit Forestier

Petit Forestieris an excellent truck hire company that currently is operating in Cardiff. This is also a company that fully understands that they need to serve each customer in the most satisfactory manner.The company has therefore tailored its business so that it can always provide a truck for every kind of customer requirement. In addition, the company has more than two decades of experience in this line and during all these years, it has also acquired skills and knowledge to help it provide the best truck hire services in Cardiff.

Petit Forestier is also a company that takes great pride in providing each customer with individualized attention, and in addition, also provides price match guarantee for any quote that is lower than theirs. When you hire a truck from Petit Forestier, you can rest assured that you will get to hire a truck that is of a very high quality. In addition, the rental prices charged by it are also most competitive.

To contact the company, you can either visit their office in person, or you can also call them on the phone. Their address is 23 Lladnough Trading Estate, Penarth Road, Cardiff CF11 8RR and their telephone number is 029 2041 7777.

Gulliver’s Truck Hire Ltd

Gulliver’s Truck Hire Ltd is a company that has built up a solid reputation for providing the best trucks for hire in the entire UK. The company owns and rents out a diverse range of trucks, and also has a very large fleet of vehicles that you can pick and choose from. Gulliver’s Truck Hire Ltd has also been in this line of business for a long time andrecently celebrated its fiftieth anniversary in the business.

Upholds and maintains family principles

Even though the company has been around for a very long time, it continues to uphold and maintain family principles that have stood it in good stead. The company excels at renting out the best quality trucks thatare maintained to the very highest standards at the company’s own workshops.

Whether you need to hire a truck for a short duration, or even if you need to hire multiple numbers of trucks, Gulliver’s always has the perfect solution to suit your needs. The company offers a number of options for those who wish to hire a truck from them including:
  • Spot hire
  • Flexi hire
  • Contract hire
If you need to hire a truck from this company, you can choose from these three options. In addition, the company also offers:
  • daily rentals
  • annual rentals
  • rentals for more than one year
To contact the company, you will need to either visit their depot in Cardiff, or you can also call the depot on the phone. Their address is Brindley Road Off Penarth Road Grangetown Cardiff CF11 8TX and their telephone number is 02920 399 666.

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