Truck Hire Edinburgh

Often times, people and companies find it necessary to hire a truck in Edinburgh. When it becomes necessary to hire a truck in Edinburgh, it will certainly pay for you to deal with the two best truck hire companies in Edinburgh whose names are:
  • Short Self Drive
  • The Car and Van Rental Co Ltd

Short Self Drive

Short Self Drive is a truck hire company that is well established and able to provide reliable and high quality trucks for hire in Edinburgh. The company that operates from its base which is located in Eskbank, Dalkeith Midlothian offers honest and very individualized attention to each customer. This is also a company that also offers a range of trucks which can be rented out at very competitive prices.

These trucks can be rented on daily basis and also on weekly basis. In addition, you can also hire a truck from this company for half a day and also for a month. The company is an independent family owned and managed business that has more than four decades of experience in this line of business. If you would like to know more about its rates and offers, you will do well to get in touch with the company.

To contact the company, you can either call them on the phoneand also by paying them a personal visit. If you choose to speak to them on the phone, then you will need to dial their number which is 0131 663 3375. To visit their office, you will need to head to 39-41 Bonnyrigg Road, Eskbank, Dalkeith, Midlothian EH22 3HF

The Car and Van Rental Co Ltd

The Car and Van Rental Co Ltd is another good option for those who wish to hire a truck in Edinburgh. The company has long years of experience in renting out vehicles that also includea very large selection of trucks. In fact, since it was established way back in the year 1959 till present, this company has done enough to earn a much deserved reputation for being veryreliable and honest.

New and professional management

In the nineties, the company underwent a change when a new and more professional management team was brought in to make the company more effective. The company is now ready to serve you in any way that it can and is ready to offer short term rentals for its trucks. It also offers to rent out trucks for long durations as well as for contract hire.

This is also a truck hire company that can tailor its agreement to meet your every need. If you need to hire a truck for a long period of time, then The Car and Van Rental Co Ltd is prepared to offer you an agreement for a three year period. However, at present it is not in a position to provide trucks for hire for periods in excess of three years.

To know more about its trucks and rental options, you will need to contact the company by filling out its online enquiry form.

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