Truck Hire Moving

If you need to move the belongings of your home or office, you will do well to hire a truck of a size that makes it easier to relocate. When it comes to choosing the best truck hire moving companies in the UK, there are two companies that deserve special mention. The names of these two companies are:
  • Elephant Removals
  • Overs International

Elephant Removals

Elephant Removals is the right truck hire moving company as it can help you move your belongings from your home or office to a new place in the most efficient manner possible. The company remains open on all seven days of the week and is also open on public holidays. In addition, it also accepts short notice orders and will serve you with warmth and professionalism. The company offers a variety of moving services including:
  • Removal of furniture
  • Removal of household belongings
  • Removal of office belongings
  • Removals of belongings from a home
  • Shipping
  • Moving of cardboard boxes
  • Removal of single items and full loads
Elephant Removals is also a company that offers to tailor its removal services to suit a customer’s specific needs. It also offers tips on how to move your belongings in the most efficient manner and will also provide advice on how to complete the removal job with least amount of fuss or bother. Elephant Removals is a company that can also handle all kinds of removal tasks including light and heavy removals.

Competitive pricing

Elephant Removals has earned an enviable reputation for its professionalism and for its competitive pricing. It serves each customer with friendliness and complete professionalism, and also offers good value for money. Though the company is not cheapest, it is nevertheless also not the most expensive and in fact, offers reliable and high quality services which is why it gets so much repeat business.

To know more about the kind of removal jobs that it can undertake, you will need to contact the company by filling out their enquiry form. Alternatively, you can speak to them on the phone by dialling 0845 009 1800, 020 88 77 92 63 or 020 88 71 29 50.

Overs International

Overs International is an excellent truck hire moving company and one that has more than one hundred years of experience behind it. The company has earned a reputation for being synonymous with the best removal services including for international removal and national removal. The company was formed way back in the year 1857 and has since then, grown and expanded to become a leading truck hire moving company in the UK.

If you are not sure about how to go about removing your belongings, you can always speak to a team of experienced professionals at Overs International. They will help you learn how to make removing your belongings a less tedious task. Overs International is also a leader when it comes to providing road removal services and is also ready to move your belongings within the UK and to Europe as well as to Canada and even the US.

To contact the company, you can visit their office at Unit 9, Springlakes Industrial Estate, Deadbrook Lane, Aldershot, Hampshire GU12 4UK. Alternatively, you can speak to them on the phone by dialling 0800 243 433.

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