Truck Hire Plymouth

Are you in need of a rented truck in Plymouth? If, so there are currently two excellent truck hire companies in Plymouth that can rent out a high quality truck at a very affordable price. The names of these two truck hire companies in Plymouth are:
  • Taurus Car and Van Hire
  • Thrifty Car & Van Rental

Taurus Car and Van Hire

Taurus Car and Van Hire is a truck hire company that is based in Plympton and it has been serving customers in Plymouth for more than four decades. This is an operator that offers local and very independents services and also owns a comprehensive fleet of vehicles including some very high quality trucks. These trucks can be rented at very competitive prices and are available as self-drive options.

If you need to transport large boxes, then you can think about hiring a Luton Box Van which ismost suitable for moving the entire belongings of a small home. On the other hand, you can also choose tohire a Luton Box Van which again is the best option for moving the contents of a home. These trucks can carry between twelve hundred and sixteen hundred kilograms of payload.

Different rental plans

Taurus Car and Van Hire will rent out its vans for half day, full day as well as for three day rental periods. The prices charged are most affordable, and in addition, you can also take advantage of special offers which entitle you to a small discount provided the truck is being hired between Monday and Thursday.

If you are interested in hiring a truck from this company, then you will need to contact it at Taurus Van Hire, Old Priory Plympton Plymouth PL7 1QS. You can also reach them on the phone by dialling 01752 339444.

Thrifty Car & Van Rental

Thrifty Car & Van Rental is one of the best providers of trucks and other commercial vehicles and is well known throughout the UK for its high quality of service. The company has made rapid progress in the more than four decades of its existence. From 1971 onwards, when it first began providing its services, this family owned and managed company has been renting out the most modern vehicles that you can find in the UK.

The company is presently operating from more than ninety locations in different parts of the UK and owns and rents out trucks and other vehicles from a comprehensive fleet of vehicles. It also excels at providing top class service and has developed very quickly to become a leading vehicle rental company in the UK.

The company rents out reliable and well maintained trucks – many of which are also air conditioned – and suitable for all kinds of needs. If you want to know more about the various truck hire options from this company, then you will need to get in touch with it. You can visit their depot in Plymouth at Unit 4, 15 Sutton Road, Coxside Plymouth PL4 0HN or you can contact the company on the phone by dialling 01752 207207.

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