Truck Trailers for Hire

Owning your own rig can be quite a lucrative business.  Many people who don’t understand the trucking world think that a trucker owns their own truck and trailer.  However, generally they only own the truck cab itself and either look for truck trailers for hire or hook on the trailers belonging to their consignments.  This means that they are able to take on a range of different jobs, ranging from moving some boxes to transporting hazardous materials.

What Is a Truck Trailer?

As stated, the truck trailer is the part on the back of the truck that is actually used to transport goods.  They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.  There are round ones that usually contain liquids, flammable materials and chemicals, square ones that hold a variety of things, refrigerated ones that can either keep products cold or completely frozen, livestock ones, that have individual boxes for pigs, sheep, cows or other animals, and so on.

Where Can You Find Truck Trailers for Hire?

There are dozens of companies located all across the United Kingdom that offer truck trailers for hire.  Regardless of where in the country you are you should be able to find a company without any trouble.  Some of the companies you could consider include:
  • Teesside Trailer Hire - a local company in the North East of England
  • Foley Hire – a company that services Worcestershire and the surrounding areas
  • Abacus Van Hire – a truck trailer company servicing Dorset and Hampshire

Estimated Costs of Truck Trailers for Hire

The cost of truck trailers for hire will depend mainly on the type of trailer you are looking at.  The more specialised the trailer is, the higher the price.  Generally, the journey you will be taking will also make the price vary, particularly if you have to take your goods abroad.  Generally, however, companies will offer discounts for returning customers, so it is very important to find a company that you know and like to work with, so that you can keep your overall costs down.

How to Find Truck Trailers for Hire

Finding truck trailers for hire isn’t too difficult.  If you are a trucker, it is likely that you know many other truckers and it could be a good idea to speak to them and ask where they hire their truck trailers from.  You could get a discount if you are referred by a previous or existing customer as well.  Following trusted recommendations is always a good idea, as it means that you will have a better idea of the type of trailers you will be receiving, as well as the level of service you can expect.

Clearly, if you own a truck, you may want to consider expanding the type of loads you carry.  By opting for truck trailers for hire, you will be able to transport a far higher range of items, which will make you a lot more marketable.  You can really see your own business expanding quite rapidly, which is very important particularly in the current economic climate of course.

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