Truck Van Hire

There are hundreds of reasons as to why you may need a truck or a van for hire.  One of the most common reasons for individuals, however, is a house move.  Generally, when moving home, people want to hire what they will refer to as a “truck”.  They feel that a “van” would be too small to fit their larger items in and hence want something bigger.  What they are actually looking at is truck van hire.

What Is a Truck Van?

A truck van is a truck that can still be driven by someone with a standard UK drivers’ licence.  They are generally referred to as Luton vans or box vans.  They are quite big, which is why it is fairer to refer to them as a truck and not as a van but perhaps a specific word should be invented for truck vans to make it clear which size and weight category actually categorises them.  Exactly when something ceases to be a van isn’t clear.  Something only becomes a truck, however, once a trucker’s driving licence is required.

Where Can You Find Truck Van Hire?

It probably won’t surprise you to find out that there are hundreds of companies across the United Kingdom that offer truck van hire.  No matter where you live in the country, it is likely that you will move home at least once in your life, and companies play into this by offering truck van hire.  Some companies are local, others are regional and even more are national.  Many people prefer renting from a national company because they trust the name and brand, but local companies are just as good.  If you are looking for a truck van hire, you could consider:
  • Colbert Vehicle Hire
  • N&N Vehicle Hire
  • Rent a Van

Estimated Costs of Truck Van Hire

The cost of truck van hire will depend mainly on the length of time you require your truck for.  Although most companies offer discounts to those who opt for longer term hire, it is unlikely that this will be applicable to you if you are moving home.  In fact, you are probably more interested in hiring a truck van for just a few hours.  Luckily, this is also possible and specific offers are generally in place to allow for this.

How to Find Truck Van Hire

Finding truck van hire should be very easy.  You could contact some of the companies above, or find some in local advertisements for example.  However, because it is highly likely that somebody on your street or in your social circle will already have used a similar service in the past, you could consider asking them for a recommendation too.

If you are moving home truck van hire may be the right solution for you.  Remember that a truck van is generally referred to as a Luton or box van, which can be useful to know if you are trying to find such a vehicle.  Since there are so many companies around, competition is quite fierce, so you should be able to find a vehicle that meets your budget.

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