Truck with Crane for Hire

Do you know what the history of the crane truck is?  History tells us that they have actually been around since 6th century Greece, where cranes were first used to allow people to move heavy loads up to great heights.  Nowadays, they are still mainly used in the construction industry, although also in the transport industry and manufacturing industry.  If you are looking for a truck with crane to hire, you have quite a few choices available to you.

What is a Truck with Crane?

There are numerous different types of crane trucks so if you are looking for a truck with crane for hire, it will serve you well to know what they are, so that you can hire the right one.  There are four main types:
  • The side lifter, which can load and unload from a range of different locations.  It is able to stack containers on top of one another and lifts by using hydraulic parts.  It also has adjustable legs, which keeps it stable on uneven ground.
  • The truck mounted crane is designed to be fitted on the back of a truck, thereby eliminating difficulties in transporting the crane itself.  It is important to make sure that the load is not able to swing sideways of course.
  • The all terrain crane has specific axles that allow it to drive on different types of terrains.  It also has a very high lifting capacity.
  • Rough terrain cranes are designed specifically for off road conditions.  This type has outriggers for stabilisation.

Where Can You Find a Truck with Crane for Hire?

There are quite a number of companies all across the United Kingdom that offer trucks with cranes for hire.  Some specialise specifically in one type of crane whilst others offer the full range of different cranes.  There are large national companies that are trusted and well known, but there are also small, local, family run businesses that you can use if you want to support the local economy.  There are also regional companies, of course, so the choice really is yours.

Estimated Costs of a Truck with Crane for Hire

The cost of a truck with crane for hire will depend firstly on the type of crane you are looking at.  The more advanced trucks are, of course, more expensive.  It may also be necessary for you to enlist the services of an operative, as a special type of licence is often required in order for you to operate a crane.

How to Find a Truck with Crane for Hire

One of the best ways to find a truck with crane for hire is by speaking to others who are likely to have used such a service in the past.  Perhaps you know someone who works in the construction industry, or perhaps a big building site can be found near to your residence.  It is always a good idea to follow a trusted recommendation if you can.

So, now you know about the different types of crane trucks for hire and where to find them you should have no trouble finding one that is suitable for your job.  Good luck.

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