Truck Trailer Hire

Many people make a living by owning their own rig.  This means that they have their own truck – sometimes with a trailer.  Business is still quite good in this field even though there is less import and export happening as a result of the economic crisis.  Because of the global economic downturn, many truck drivers are now trying to expand their business by agreeing to different types of jobs than the ones that they were used to doing.  For example, they may now opt to transport refrigerated items or chemicals.  In cases like these, truckers may need to opt for truck trailer hire.

What Is a Truck Trailer?

There are many different types of truck trailers.  A truck trailer is basically the vehicle that latches on to the back of a truck, in which the items that are being transported are loaded.  There are a variety of different truck trailers including chemical tankers, refrigerated trucks and cement trucks to name but a few.  Generally, a truck driver who owns their own rig will only own the truck and not the trailer and will hence have to look into truck trailer hire if they want to take on more specialised jobs.

Where Can You Find Truck Trailer Hire?

There are quite a few companies in the United Kingdom that offer truck trailer hire.  As stated earlier, more and more truckers are expanding out into other areas of trucking, which means there is increased demand for these items.  Some of the companies you could consider include:
  • Dawson Group
  • Collease
  • Roth Dean

Estimated Costs of Truck Trailer Hire

The cost of truck trailer hire will depend on a few things.  Firstly, the type of truck you are looking for will be of great influence.  The more specialised the truck, the more expensive it will be.  Secondly, the journey you will be undertaking with your truck will make a difference.  For example, if you need to take your truck trailer abroad you will find this further increases the price.  Last but not least, the length of time you want your hire agreement to run for will make a difference.  Usually, companies prefer longer term hire and will hence offer discounts if you hire the trailer for a week or more.

How to Find Truck Trailer Hire

Finding truck trailer hire should not be too difficult due to the large number of companies across the United Kingdom that offer this service.  You may want to consider speaking to some people you know and ask if they have any good recommendations for you.  If you are a trucker, it is very likely that you know other truckers of course.

So, if you are a trucker and own your own rig but want to branch out into more specialised fields, truck trailer hire may be the solution for you.  Once you start looking into this, you may find a whole new world opens up for you.  Be ready to see your business booming!

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