UK Truck Hire

There are many reasons to hire a truck.  For private individuals, however, there are usually only two reasons: a house move or the need to engage in a large DIY project (new kitchen, bathroom or gardening project for example).  Most people don’t own a truck, however, which is where UK truck hire comes in.  This makes it possible for those with a driver’s licence to hire a truck.  For those without a driver’s licence, it is sometimes also possible to hire a truck with driver.

What is UK Truck Hire?

UK truck hire is offered by hundreds of companies located throughout the United Kingdom.  These companies each offer a different range of trucks and anything from a small Luton van to a huge recovery truck can be hired.  Very often, truck hire companies will also offer car hire and van hire.  Besides offering truck hire to private individuals, many also work in the field of fleet management, meaning they offer long term hire agreements to businesses.

Where Can You Find UK Truck Hire?

UK truck hire can be found all over the country.  There are quite a few national players that have depots all over the country.  This means that regardless of where you are based, you should be able to find a depot near to where you are.  The benefit of using a large national company is that they have a reputation to uphold and you can hence rest assured knowing you will receive a high level of service.  Some of the better known companies include:
  • Sixt
  • Scania – who only offer Scania trucks and you may have to hold a trucker’s driver’s licence for these
  • Budget
  • Thrifty
  • Erento
  • Gulliver’s

Estimated Costs of UK Truck Hire

The cost of UK truck hire will depend on your exact needs and requirements, but mainly on the length of time you require the truck hire for.  Most companies encourage longer term hire by offering quite significant discounts to those who hire a truck for a week or more.  However, companies also understand that many don’t need to hire a truck for a long time and will make it possible for people to hire a truck for just a few hours.

How to Find UK Truck Hire

Finding an ideal truck hire in the UK should not take you too long as there are so many companies to choose from.  However, it is likely that you know somebody who has used truck hire in the past themselves.  If you speak to them, they will likely be more than happy to give you their advice on what sort of service they received and how happy they were with the truck they hired and the company they hired it from.

Clearly, if you want to move home or are busy completing a large DIY project, you could consider opting for UK truck hire.  With hire agreements available from just a few hours to an infinite amount of time, you are sure to be able to find the right truck for you, at a price that you can afford.

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