Vacuum Truck Hire

If you work for the local council it is likely that you or someone you know is involved in cleaning the streets, the sewage systems and septic tanks.  These jobs usually require the usage of a vacuum truck which can do the above jobs safely and effortlessly.  As these jobs are not completed on a daily basis, it makes no financial sense for a council to invest in their own vacuum truck.  This is where vacuum truck hire comes in.

What Is a Vacuum Truck?

A vacuum truck is a very heavy industrial loader that has been designed specifically to convey liquids, slurry, solids and/or sludge through suction lines.  Usually, the suction lines are around 3 inches in diameter.  The most commonly used pump is known as a vacuum pump (rotary vane).  There are different configurations for the pump and they can be either mounted directly onto the truck, or they can be mounted using a pony motor.

Where Can You Find Vacuum Truck Hire?

There are a number of companies across the United Kingdom that offer vacuum truck hire.  A vacuum truck is quite a specialised piece of machinery and generally requires a trained operative to run it.  Some of the companies that offer vacuum truck hire include:
  • Vac Truck who specialise in suction and excavation
  • Environmental Rental Services who specialise in using environmentally correct technology
  • H & T Services who have a range of Disab vacuum trucks in their fleet
Most of these companies service the entire United Kingdom, although some will charge a surcharge if you are located a large distance away from their main office and they have to drive to where you are.

Estimated Costs of Vacuum Truck Hire

The cost of vacuum truck hire generally depends on the job you require it for.  You may, for example, want a monthly contract to empty out the sewage systems.  Or perhaps you just need to hire a vacuum truck for a single job.  These are all things that will make the price vary.  Generally, if you opt for regular hire, you will receive a discount on the hire price.  If it is a one off job, you will either be charged for the job as a whole or by the hour.  If you need the truck to operate during out of office hours, you will be charged slightly more again.

How to Find Vacuum Truck Hire

One of the best ways to find vacuum truck hire is by speaking to others who may have used such a service in the past.  The information you receive from the different companies – like the ones listed in this article – will probably be very positive, but you may be looking for a fully honest review and the only way to achieve this is by speaking to someone who has actually used the service themselves.

As you can see, if you need to empty a large sewage system or if you need your sceptic tanks cleaning, what you need is vacuum truck hire.  These types of trucks have been specifically designed to deal with the cleaning of sludge and slurry.  Hiring such a machine generally means that you will also be provided with an operative, which is beneficial because it means you won’t have to invest in training your own staff.

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