Van and Truck Hire

Do you need a van or a truck?  Or do you need a mini truck?  Do you even know the difference?  Because many people confuse the term van and truck, most companies advertise by offering van and truck hire, rather than van hire or truck hire.  This is to make sure that they receive maximum exposure to all their customers.  Hence, if you are looking for a vehicle big enough for a certain job and are not sure whether it is a van or a truck, you don’t need to worry as you will probably still be able to find the right vehicle.

What Are Vans and Trucks?

Technically speaking, a vehicle doesn’t become a truck until it has to be driven by someone who has a trucker’s driver’s licence.  Until then, the vehicle is a van.  However when thinking of a van, most people think of smaller vehicles and not of the bigger vans that are just still able to be driven on a standard UK driver’s licence.  A Luton van, for example, is generally referred to as a truck.  Similarly, an MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platform) van is generally referred to as a truck. 

Where Can You Find Van and Truck Hire?

There are hundreds of companies all across the United Kingdom that offer van and truck hire.  Some of these actually only offer van hire, but advertise as van and truck to avoid confusion.  With so many companies offering this type of service, you can rest assured that you will not be hammered by high pickup and delivery costs, as there should be a depot close to your location.  Some of the better known van and truck hire companies include:
  • Colbert Vehicle Rental
  • A1 National Van Hire
  • TLS Vehicle Rental

Estimated Costs of Van and Truck Hire

The cost of van and truck hire will depend firstly on the type of van you require.  Smaller vans are generally cheaper than the larger ones, of course.  Secondly, the length of time you require your hire period to last for will influence the price and you may receive a discount for longer term hire.  Next, whether or not you will be taking the van abroad will also have an influence.  Lastly, optional extras such as an additional driver, satellite navigation systems, air conditioning and CD players will drive the price up.

How to Find Van and Truck Hire

Because almost everybody will have used a van and truck hire service in the past – for example the last time they moved house – it is likely that you will know someone who can give you a good recommendation on where to go.  Following a trusted recommendation is always a good idea, as it will save you a lot of time having to compare the market.

As you can see, if you need van and truck hire, what you really need – in technical terms – is van hire.  However, regardless of whether or not you have the terminology right, you will be able to find a van to suit your needs.  And at a price you can afford of course!

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