Waste Truck Hire

Local councils are the main users of waste trucks.  These are the ones that come around once a week or once a fortnight – depending on where you live – and pick up your garbage and recycling.  Arguably, they are the dirtiest trucks in the world, of course.  But what does a council do if one of their machines breaks down and can’t be repaired immediately?  They turn to waste truck hire!

What is a Waste Truck?

A waste truck is quite a specialised piece of machinery.  It is built in such a way that it is able to hook on to large wheelie bins that are then emptied into it.  For those that pick up recycling (plastic and cardboard, tins and glass, and paper), they have mulching equipment installed within to ensure everything is squashed into smaller packages.  All waste trucks have a type of slider on the back that pushes the garbage into the truck itself.  This is to prevent garbage falling onto the road and also to reduce some of the smells that are emitted from the garbage.

Where Can You Find Waste Truck Hire?

There are a number of companies across the United Kingdom that offer waste truck hire.  If you work in this section of the council, it is important to establish good working relationships with the company nearest to you, as you may need to hire a waste truck at a moment’s notice.  Some of the companies you could consider include:
  • Noblet who specialise in refuse collection and environmental services
  • WH Berry and Son who offer vehicles in Hampshire and the New Forrest area
  • Britain’s Best Garbage Trucks who claim to be the best of the best in the country

Estimated Costs of Waste Truck Hire

The cost of waste truck hire will depend mainly on the terms and conditions of the contract you are trying to achieve.  A company will look far more favourably on a council that agrees to use the services of the waste truck hire company whenever they require a waste truck and will generally offer discounts or other offers to ensure both parties are happy.  If you foresee that you will need your rented waste truck for a number of days, it is also likely that you will receive some discount on the price.  These are things to take into consideration of course.

How to Find Waste Truck Hire

One of the best ways to find waste truck hire is to speak to others who are likely to have used a similar service.  It is likely that you will have contacts in other councils and local authorities who may be able to offer you some good hints and tips about which companies are the best to work with.  Of course, you could also consider speaking to the companies listed above.

As you can see, if you work for a local authority and suddenly find yourself with a broken down waste truck, you need not worry.  Waste truck hire is available at very favourable rates, particularly if you make some long term agreements with a hire company.

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