Water Truck Hire

Have you ever watched a demonstration on TV – or been involved in one for that matter – and heard the anguished screams of “oh no, here comes the water truck!”?  If so, then you will probably be very well aware of the fact that police departments regularly opt for water truck hire.  There are other uses for water trucks as well of course, as you will see below.

What Is a Water Truck?

There are four main types of water trucks available.  These are:
  • Water trucks for crowd displacement – these are similar to the ones described above and generally have a water cannon attached to them.
  • Construction water trucks - these are used to spray construction sites with water to prevent dust and debris from flying around.
  • Fire water trucks – these are used by fire departments who don’t have access to a fire hydrant nearby.
  • Recycled water delivery trucks – these are employed by recycling plants to deliver recycled water to a destination.

Where Can You Find Water Truck Hire?

There are a number of companies in the United Kingdom that offer water truck hire.  Most of these companies are involved in the construction industry and as such offer construction water trucks.  Some of the companies you could take into consideration include:
  • Water Direct
  • Hertz Equip
  • Nationwide Hire

Estimated Costs of Water Truck Hire

The cost of water truck hire depends mainly on how often you will need it.  This is because besides paying for the truck itself – which generally comes with an operative – you will also pay for the water within the truck.  Hence, if you require several tankers of water, you will be charged a higher amount.  However, those people who require several tankers of water will usually require quite a long hire period, which tends to bring the price down.  The only way to get a good idea of the cost of water truck hire is to request specific quotations from different companies.

How to Find Water Truck Hire

Of course, if you are looking for water truck hire, you could contact the companies listed in this article.  However, if you want to get a more general idea about the different companies and services they offer, you may want to try and speak to someone who has used a water truck in the past.  If you work in the construction industry, you will probably know people from other companies that have used a water truck in the past and they might be able to give you some really good hints and tips concerning which companies to ask for quotations and which companies to stay away from.

As you can see, whether you are a fire department in need of a fire water truck, a construction company needing water to keep the dust from blowing around, or a police department anticipating a large demonstration, you can opt for water truck hire to help you make everything go smoothly.  As these trucks generally come with a full tanker of water, you won’t need to waste time filling the tanker yourself.

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